Welcome to the Troop 631 website!  Or ... the Troops 631 website, since this site hosts information about new Troop 631 for girls in Scouts BSA (establishing in 2019).

For an overview of Scouting, watch this video.  Or this one (with video from the May, 2010 Campout of the Century).  For contact information, please see About Us and How to Join on the menu bar on the left side of the page.  Interested in Joining?  You can contact the Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Chair.  In Scouts BSA, recognition is gained through leadership in the troop, attending and participating in its activities, living the ideals of Scouting, and proficiency in activities related to outdoor life, useful skills, and career exploration.  The methods of Scouting are Ideals, Patrols, Outdoor Programs, Advancement, Association with Adults, Personal Growth, Leadership Development and the Uniform, and each is important.

Once you Login, you can access calendar information, files of Troop Information, and links to useful resources, among other benefits.  Recent Troop events have included: Zipline Campout (Helen, GA); Climbing Campout at Rockfest; Orienteering Campout;  Space Camp Overnight; Ski Trek Weekend; Seabase; Cycling Campouts (King Center to Stone Mountain / Silver Comet); Pine Mountain (FDR State Park) Backpacking; Chattahoochee River Canoe Trek;  Flint River Canoe Campout;  Black Rock Mountain Winter Camping; Climbing “Lock in” at Stone Summit; Polaris Winter Camp at Lawhorn Scout Reservation, Molena; Caving Campout (Tennessee); Tallulah Gorge and High Falls State Park Camping; Shooting Sports Campout; a “Ride the Rails” Campout in North Carolina; Allatoona Aquatic Base Canoe weekends (Northern Tier Prep); and hundreds of hours of community service.  High Adventure Treks in recent years have included Seabase, Philmont, Northern Tier and the Summit.  Many photos at this photo site.  Also at our Facebook Page.

Got Updates? Send Emails communications@atlanta631.mytroop.us and/or activities@atlanta631.mytroop.us

Posted on Mar 31 2021 - 6:53pm

Got Updates?  Like if the PLC decides something?  Or updates to your contact information in the Roster?   Email communications@atlanta631.mytroop.us.  To activity attendance?  Email activities@atlanta631.mytroop.us (yes, sadly, once entered, you can't change your entry, but we can).  To announce something to the Troop?   Email communications@atlanta631.mytroop.us

Troop Handbook (or: How This Scout BSA Troop(s) Operates)

Posted on Mar 31 2021 - 4:08pm

The Troop Handbook, or: How This Scout BSA Troop(s) Operates, is in our "About Us & How to Join" page.  Or click here

The Mother of All Campouts!!! April 16-18, 2021

Posted on Mar 24 2021 - 10:35pm

Greetings Troop 631:  We have plans all set for the "Mother of All Campouts!!" On April 16-18, we will be camping in Helen, GA (less than 100 miles north of Atlanta) at Nacoochee Adventures for a weekend of CONSERVATION PROJECT work and ZIPLINING!  

 Photos from 2017 at this location are here

This campout will offer Troop 631 Scouts:

  1. The ability to earn camping nights
  2. The chance to complete several Cooking Merit Badge requirements
  3. The opportunity to satisfy several Camping Merit Badge requirements (including 9C. Perform a conservation project approved by the landowner or land managing agency.)
  4. A chance to get back into the outdoors and to have fun!

In addition, our Troop will be joined by our soon-to-crossover Arrow of Light Den from Pack 631.  

We will spend the first half of Saturday helping to clear a trail and the rest of the day completing the awesome zipline tour.  

For the campsite, enter this Address into your GPS:
7025 South Main Street
Helen, Georgia 30545

Look for our signs in the Habersham Winery Parking Lot. 

We will practice safe camping methods in accord with CDC guidelines. Please sign-up on the Troop website at: https://atlanta631.mytroop.us/node/10008

 I look forward to seeing you all there!!! 

Yours in Scouting, Vincent Young, Assistant Scoutmaster

Especially Sign Up for the Virtual Campout This Weekend

Posted on Mar 17 2021 - 5:59pm

And sign up if you can make any part of the event, like the Barrett Park "Scout Olympics" from 2 to 4 on Saturday.  Yes, a small, short, live event of fun - physical distancing events only, so no wrestling or wrasslin'.  https://atlanta631.mytroop.us/node/10006 will have more information about this, even if it may not have much now.  But there is a growing group attending! 

Please Register "Attending" or "Not" for Event Registration Items

Posted on Mar 17 2021 - 5:53pm

This is a request for feedback about whether you will or will not attend something.  If there are not enough willing to attend, the PLC should plan something else.

So ... for each event register either "Attending" or "Not Attending".

And if you are "maybe attending", register "Attending" and add "maybe ... " or explain whatever your situation is so that we keep you in the loop.  

Your Patrol Leaders Council has proposed activities over the coming months -- and years -- and your input is needed.  The "Event Registration" pages on the right hand side are "open" for your registration, and need your input, even though costs and details (including locations) are up in the air -- as well as existential questions like "can we even go yet" -- because if you won't go because it's too soon to get back out even in a socially distant way, or its a bad weekend or you just don't want to do that, your Troops need to know.  If you would go if things get better with COVID, click "Attending", and add in the Comments something like "only if GA case loads get better". There are no "hard money" signups pending reservations, and confirming whether we have people who want to go.   

Need to change a signup -- here's how:  just email activities@atlanta631.mytroop.us

Adults: Thank You For Your Feedback

Posted on Feb 3 2021 - 9:48pm

Thank you, parents, for your feedback so far from the update informational email sent on January 24 (the generic version of the email is below the jump). 

A sample of comments from parents is below (new items at the top): 

  • "I miss our camping outings and can't wait until we have an opportunity to do so Covid-Free.  In lieu of the overnight camping trips and being mindful of the CDC guidelines, I think the short day events would be an excellent idea and I would be in full support."
  • "I don't believe I have a problem with merging the [troops] ... [so long as there is] an opportunity to hold the finite leadership positions required for upper advancement."
  • "I'm still committed to help as an Adult Leader, so I will continue to support as my job allows, so please keep me in the loop on how I can help support the next Scoutmaster."
  • "Covid has really had an outsized impact on scouting in my opinion for various reasons one of which is that it is the activity in which the boys have the most freedom and control over the activity.  As such, it is harder for it to be done in a safe manner and I believe this gives parents the most heartburn over the safety of their child.  ...  It's nothing that scouting can do but for wait until vaccines are distributed and Covid gets under control.  Essentially we looked at this year as a redshirt year in scouting.  With all that said, we are prepared to send our boys to camping and overnight activities this spring.  We've looked at their sporting calendars and hope that they will be able to attend a camping activity since that is the activity they need to participate in in order to advance in rank."
  • "I do also like the idea of smaller, shorter activities and have no issue with the fully merged troop."
  • "I always thought that was the plan was to merge anyway.  It makes no sense to have duplicative efforts if there's reason to. "
  • "As far as parent involvement, this is an area of concern."

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